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About the Bioneers Collections

A treasure trove of breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.

These dynamic collections of Bioneers video and audio spotlight social and scientific innovators who mimic ‘nature's operating instructions’ to serve human ends while enhancing the web of life and the human enterprise. These bioneers are visionaries who are already creating the ecologically vibrant, healthy, diverse, equitable and beautiful world that’s within our reach. They are leaders in a revolution from the heart of nature – and the human heart. Each Bioneers Collection features an inspiring and educational set of video and audio presentations that report from the front lines of this nature-inspired revolution and the quest for social justice. The Bioneers Collections are largely drawn from the acclaimed annual National Bioneers Conference. Since 1990 this acclaimed gathering has been home to a ‘network of networks’ for leaders with practical and innovative solutions for restoring damaged ecosystems and human communities. They are among the greatest thought leaders and change makers of our time – applying authentic and inspiring solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. In addition to featuring luminaries in their fields, the collections include some of “the greatest people you’ve never heard of.” This diverse roster includes scientists, artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, farmers, health professionals, community organizers, technologists, leaders in diversity, and more. They inform, educate, enlighten and inspire through their keynote videos and interviews from our award-winning radio series The Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature. We have also included suggested Bioneers books and anthologies to enhance your Bioneers Collections experience.

The Bioneers Collections will renew your sense of wonder as well as your faith in people.

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Moonrise – Women’s Leadership

The Moonrise Women’s Leadership Collection "The creative human potential of women and girls is the greatest untapped resource on Earth." 
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Essential Indigeneity – Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future

The Indigeneity Essentials Collection speaks to the elemental connection between people and place in the context of the practical knowledge and cultural wisdom of our “old-growth” indigenous cultures.
View »

Essential Bioneers – Vol. 1

The Essential Bioneers Collection, Volume 1 – It’s All Connected  It’s All Connected is a kaleidoscopic view into the heart of nature and human ingenuity.
View »

Food & Farming Vol. 1

Industrial agriculture is arguably the single most destructive human activity to the environment, as well as to human health and wellbeing.
View »

Nature, Culture and Spirit Collection Vol. 1

Human beings are seekers of meaning. Our beliefs, narratives, emotions and values tend to be the most powerful guides and motivators in our lives.
View »

Ecological Design Volume 1

Nature’s Operating Instructions  When you fight nature, you lose. As this Ecological Design Media Collection vividly brings to life, ecological design systems are far more efficient, economical, profitable and humane than current design norms.
View »