Every Woman’s Leadership Collection

"The creative human potential of women and girls is the greatest untapped resource on Earth." 
–Jensine Larsen, Founder, World Pulse


The Bioneers Every Woman’s Leadership Collection features diverse and dynamic models of women leaders and how women are reinventing leadership worldwide. The arc of stories, innovations and ideas shows how the leadership of women is essential for co-creating an ecologically vibrant, healthy, just and peaceful world. As Gloria Steinem notes, “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.” This array of models of women’s will inspire and ignite greater leadership among people of any age or background.

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As the Collection vividly portrays, new leadership forms are arising that embody humility, are motivated by love, and prioritize traditionally feminine characteristics of relational intelligence, empathy, cooperation, experiential learning, intuition, flexibility and reflective self-awareness. Celebrating and cultivating these qualities within all people as leaders – as well as within our institutions and cultures – is essential to responding effectively to the challenges of these times.

These women work at the nexus of health, media, natural sciences and activism, while advancing gender equity, racial justice and cultural diversity. By integrating the arts, storytelling and spirituality, they challenge the status quo with the power of new narratives. Women and men of all ages and backgrounds can see their own possibilities reflected in these role models and stories.

The inspiring and informative Every Woman’s Leadership Media Collection offers a remarkable spectrum of women leading effective transformative change in many fields. By using diverse approaches to creating solutions and challenging structures of power, they help elevate those human qualities associated with the feminine to a place of balance with the masculine in our leadership, institutions and culture.


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